Protea Hotel

This 4-star hotel is situated on the Main Street of the beautiful town of Clarens in the Eastern Freestate. The requirement of Protea Hotels was to fit at least 70 bedrooms, while not overpowering the small-town environment. The site, a 2400 m² merger of three smaller residential erfs, has a downwards slope of 7 meters from the south to the north. As a result the hotel has four stories on the northern side and three on the southern side, below which the parking area is also situated.

In line with the traditional architecture of the Eastern Free State, locally obtained sandstone was extensively utilized both on the inside and on the outside, with traditional protruding joints, while the arched shape of the roof reflects the shapes of the surrounding hills and mountains. The traditional Free State stoep was incorporated into the design and the open-plan layout of the dining room and kitchen is a reference to the local farmhouses where the sounds of food preparation and washing-up can be heard. An open fireplace in the lounge area provides further atmosphere and warmth during winter.

The existing trees on the Main Street side of the building serve to conceal the height of the hotel to some degree.