The proposed Sports Performance Unit is a gym for professional athletes combined with a commercial gym for students as well as day visitors. The centre will house top of the range equipment and offer a full spectrum of support services to improve and maintain physical fitness and health. The building will be constructed at the Furstenburg road entrance on West campus. By being placed at this strategic point, the centre becomes a public face for the University, as it is one of the first buildings you encounter when entering this gate.

The design is based on functionality. A curved roof defines the typical gym volume, enclosing various functions below. These different functions and climatical needs define that the roof opens up on the northern and southern facades.

The public entrance area and private gym areas are divided by a solid service block, including bathrooms, offices and studios. This block is then punctured at strategic points to connect the public and private areas. Materials such as off-shutter concrete, glass, face brick, metal sheeting and steel will be used in their natural form. The northern facade serves as the public face of the building where students and visitors can interact at the coffee shop and under trees. The eastern and southern facades open up to a swimming pool, athletic tracks and green areas that are only accessible through the gym.